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Morrisby Profile

Milton Career Counselling is proud to be North Queensland's only Morrisby Certified Private Practice, helping clients make better choices for their future and discover career paths they may not have imagined.


What is the Morrisby Profile?

The Morrisby Profile is a powerful career decision support tool designed to help clients aged 15+ to find their true career direction and make the right choices for their future.  

Using scientific profiling of abilities, personality, interests and motivation students discover their own unique strengths and characteristics. With this awareness students are guided on how to leverage these qualities and make informed decisions about subject selections, potential career direction and pathways to get there. 

The Morrisby Profile isn't just for students; Parents and educators can also benefit from the insights it provides and work together as a team to support students' academic and career aspirations.   

The Morrisby Profile is every students passport to a future filled with opportunities. Embrace unique qualities, make informed choices, and build the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life.

What is involved ?

  1. Students complete the Morrisby assessment, approximately 100 minutes of assessments and engaging questionnaires that reveal their strengths, motivations and interests.

  2. Book in for a post-assessment 1:1 follow-up session with Helen to receive results, along with personalised feedback and guidance based on your profile.

  3. Gain lifetime access to your Morrisby Profile results and use the interactive and powerful tools to continue exploring potential career paths and make informed decisions about your academic journey.  

Already completed your Morrisby Profile assessment? Book your 1:1 here


Why the Morrisby profile?

  • Gives a fascinating insight into inner strengths and abilities, preferences, motivations, and personality type 

  • Helps make important decisions such as which subjects to take or what the next steps could be based on their preferences 

  • Provides careers suggestions best suited to their inner strengths and abilities plus advice on the routes to those careers and makes appropriate recommendations 

  • Offers access to over 600 career descriptions including videos, case studies and useful links 

  • All accounts include a ‘login for life’ which gives users the ability to develop and refresh their profile and seek support over time


Are you a School or Individual who would like to work with us? Please reach out to learn more.  

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